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A majestic blend, fit for kings to wear, our perfume collection, a symbol of strength and flair - Click below to explore our captivating men's perfume collection.


A symphony of femininity, fit for a princess's throne, our perfumes weave tales of confidence, beauty, and strength to own -Click below to elevate your presence.


Embark on a journey of velvet nights - Royal allure, where dreams take flight.Click the button below to indulge in royal scents.

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Dr.Misba Khan
Dr.Misba Khan
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"Azizi's 'Divine' perfume is a true gem in their Perfume Wardrobe. Its refined and elegant fragrance complements my role as a lady doctor, adding a touch of sophistication to my daily routine."
Ashish Pitwa
Ashish PitwaMerchandising Manager - Victorinox India Pvt Ltd
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"As a merchandising manager, I appreciate the attention to detail, and Azizi's 'Divine' in their Perfume Wardrobe is no exception. It's a scent that complements my personal and professional identity flawlessly."
Siddhesh Kulkarni
Siddhesh KulkarniBrand Reputation Manager | Puretech Digital
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"Incredible! 'Tempest' from Azizi truly embodies the brisk ocean breeze. Its fresh, aquatic blend is perfect for daytime use, and its impressive longevity keeps me feeling refreshed. For those who crave a clean, crisp scent, 'Tempest' is a must-have!"
Vaibhav Thakur
Vaibhav ThakurFinancial Analyst - J.P. Morgan
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"I rely on Azizi's 'Royal Tuxedo' perfume from their Perfume Wardrobe to make a lasting impression in my financial analyst role. Its elegant scent aligns with my meticulous attention to detail."
Chris Moraes
Chris MoraesFounder Hoshizora - Design & Content Studio
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“If you're looking for a truly exceptional fragrance, 'Divine' from Azizi's Perfume Wardrobe is the one. It's a scent that elevates your spirit and exudes pure divine charm.”
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